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There is no one right way to have a healthy relationship, as each person is different. By extension, any relationship that then forms is also unique. Therefore, there is no roadmap to follow when it comes to a successful relationship.

But there are certain principles that are important for all relationships, with communication being among the most significant cornerstones.

Importance of healthy communication

Having a healthy communication is helpful for conflict resolution. It allows couples to amicable resolve any issues. It also increases awareness about your partner, allowing a healthier relationship to flourish.

Healthy communication helps couples work through issues. It helps them make their relationship more fulfilling and happier. Furthermore, good communication ensures that both partners are heard in the relationship. Otherwise, it can pave way for abuse and exploitation. These not only gravely affect the relationship, but the person’s mental health as well, meriting then the intervention of an expert like a Psychiatrist in Lahore.

10 ways to have healthy communication

1 Make communication easy

Make is a priority to enable a healthy conversation. Instead of appearing unapproachable, responding aversely to conversation, and not enabling avenues of communication, make it easy to talk to each other.

2 Self-reflect first

Before you talk to your partner about something that is bothering you, self-reflect first. Understand where you are coming from, articulate it properly and then communicate it calmly to your partner.

3 Do not play the blame game

If you fall trap to playing blame game in your conversations, not only will they end up becoming bitter screaming matches, but they also block avenues of a healthy communication. Therefore, have a solution-centric approach.

4 Speak and listen

Just as talking is important for communication, hearing your partner out with an open mind is just as vital. Communication is not just saying words but understanding the relationship dynamics and using the conversations constructively to improve your relationship.

5 Be honest

Honesty is an important part of your conversation. It certainly does not mean that you be blunt and rude, but it means being very clear and open about what you truly feel.

You might have a good reason to hide something, but not being honest with your partner is also unfair to them. Therefore, be polite yet sincere in your conversation.

6 Be respectful

Even if you are frank with your partner, you need to be respectful towards them. Do not let go of the civilities when having a discourse; use respectful words, do not hit below the belt, and respect their boundaries.

7 Time your talk well

Having your conversations at the right time is amongst the important principles of communication. You cannot discuss important matters when one partner is obviously and rightfully preoccupied. Similarly, discussing things that are not relevant is also not a fruitful way to talk.

So, make time for all important conversations as pragmatic matters cannot be rushed. Schedule them such that it is a convenient time for both. And have them in due time, not after the matter has long passed.

8 Words and other cues

Communication is not just about using your words, there are other cues as well that play a part. Your body language, tone, and word inflection are just some of the important components of communication.

Therefore, be mindful of all other aspects of the communication. Be respectful of how you talk. Stay away from negative patterns of conduct like sarcasm. They harm your communication and not just in the present, but it will make your partner wary in the future as well.

9 It is not about winning

Any argument that you do is not about winning. Your end goal should be having a healthy relationship, and not about satiating your ego. The point is not to prove yourself to be true, but to understand where your partner is coming from and then trying to give their perspective its due diligence.

10 Get professional help

If you and your partner are unable to resolve your communication issues, or there are lingering trust issues and other roadblocks, you can also defer to an expert, like those at Fauji Foundation Hospital. Counselors can help you address any problems that are standing between you and healthy communication.

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