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Very little comes close to the feeling of swaying along with the waves. The rush you experience when riding your surfboard out on the waters is exhilarating and liberating. However, you can only make the most of your time on the waves with modern surfboards. Surfboards are to the water what skateboards are to the ramp. Whether a professional surfer or a beginner, your surfboard is your sea companion.

Choosing the right one comes with essential knowledge and tips. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best surfboard.

Which Surfboard is Right for You?

Unfortunately, surfboards do not follow the ‘one size fits all’ criteria. No two surfers are identical. Therefore, surfboards have different styles and designs, depending on the surfer’s skills and body type. Beginners must exercise extra caution when picking a board, but even professional surfers must remember specific pointers when hitting the waves.

When buying a surfboard, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Weather conditions: Is the weather calm, rainy, or stormy? Both professional and beginner surfers should pick a board, depending on the weather.
  • How the waves look: Do you want to surf on small and soft waves or fast and huge ones?
  • Your body type: Your height and weight determines the board’s volume
  • Your skill level: Are you a surfing expert, or is it your first time exploring the waters on your surfboard?
  • Your physical state: Your physique determines the design of the board you pick.
  • Your budget: Depending on the material and style, the cost of boards may vary.

Different Types of Surfboards

Surfboards come in various sizes, designs, and styles. Some popular and go-to models are:

Gun Surfboard

This board is ideal for harsh weather conditions. Its padding and surface allow you to navigate rough waves safely and comfortably. However, it is huge, making it challenging to take sharp and swift turns.

Shortboard Surfboard

Due to their smaller build, shortboard surfboards are trickier to paddle. On the other hand, their size makes them the perfect board for quick turns. They also allow you to duck, dive, and return to the surface seamlessly.

Longboard Surfboard

Unlike shortboard surfboards, longboard surfboards are easier to paddle. Their broad front, wide backside, and rounded nose help you enter the waves smoothly, and their high buoyancy makes paddling high waves easy.

Fish Surfboard

These modern surfboards have a wide design, front and back, and a low rocker. They allow you to surf speedily in small and medium waves.

Additional Pointers to Consider: Design, Material, and Nose

Surfboard’s Design

A surfboard’s design determines your surfing performance and experience. When buying a board, consider its thrust. A board’s thrust sends water from its base to its tail, helping you surf forward. In addition, consider the board’s drive, rails, and tail grip.

Surfboard’s Nose

Since the surfboard’s front area and nose hit the water first, they determine your balance. For instance, pointed-nose surfboards reduce friction, allowing you to paddle easily. Alternatively, rounder nose boards offer higher volume.

Surfboard’s Material

A surfboard’s price depends on the material used. However, the materials also decide your performance and safety. Fibreglass surfboards are more delicate than usual boards but offer high protection. On the other hand, foam surfboards provide a softer grip and are excellent for beginners.


Modern surfboards make surfing more convenient and enjoyable. Their versatility allows you to brave all types of waves. When picking a surfboard, consider its materials, the waves, weather condition, your skills, and body type. Choose the right board and become a professional surfer in no time!

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