Expert Legal Guidance in Public Procurement: Latvia’s Framework and Practices






Public procurement in Latvia is governed by a strict regulatory framework designed to ensure fairness, transparency, and competitiveness in the awarding of puExpert Legal Guidance in Public Procurement: Latvia’s Framework and Practicesblic contracts. This process involves meticulous preparation, legal scrutiny, and sometimes, dispute resolution. Law firms like CersJurkāns play a crucial role in guiding entities through these complex procedures, ensuring compliance with Latvian and EU laws.

1. Overview of Public Procurement Legislation

• Latvian Public Procurement Law: This law aligns with EU directives to standardize procurement practices across member states. It specifies:

• Tender Documentation Preparation: Rules and guidelines for preparing comprehensive and compliant tender documentation.

• Contract Awarding Criteria: Detailed criteria for the awarding of contracts, ensuring that the process is fair and competitive.

• Rights and Obligations: Clearly defines the rights and obligations of all parties involved in the procurement process.

2. Detailed Steps in Public Procurement

• Preparation of Tender Documentation:

• Critical Importance: Ensuring all documents comply with the Public Procurement Law of Latvia and are structured to attract the most qualified bids. The clarity, completeness, and compliance of these documents are vital to prevent misunderstandings and legal challenges.

• Regulation: According to Section 22 of the Public Procurement Law, all procurement documentation must be prepared in a manner that promotes competition and does not unjustifiably restrict or exclude potential bidders.

• Example: This includes ensuring that technical specifications are based on performance rather than design or descriptive characteristics, which can potentially limit the pool of eligible bidders.

• Role of Legal Experts: Attorneys draft documents to meet all procedural and legal requirements, crucial for avoiding future disputes.

• Activity: Legal experts typically review the legal aspects of the procurement requirements to ensure adherence to both national and EU procurement directives. They also ensure that the terms and conditions stipulated in the documents protect their client’s interests and are legally enforceable.

• Example: An attorney might revise the dispute resolution clause to ensure that it provides a clear mechanism for handling potential conflicts during the execution of the contract.

• Legal Review of Procurement Documentation:

• Objective: Minimize legal challenges and ensure documentation is legally sound, clear, and objective.

• Regulation: As per Section 25 of the Public Procurement Law, the procuring entity must ensure that the procurement documentation is accurate and unambiguous. This includes clearly defining the criteria for evaluating bids and the requirements that must be fulfilled by the winning bidder.

• Example: This might involve a legal expert reviewing the evaluation criteria to ensure they are aligned with the latest legal standards and are capable of withstanding scrutiny in case of a dispute.

• Process: Meticulously scrutinizing documents for clarity and legal compliance, particularly focusing on potential ambiguities that could lead to disputes.

Activity: This includes a comprehensive review of all legal terms and conditions, checking for compliance with procurement laws and regulations, and ensuring that the language used does not give rise to different interpretations.

• Example: A lawyer might suggest modifications to the scope of work described in the tender to ensure it is broad enough to encompass all possible work scenarios but specific enough to prevent scope creep, which can lead to disputes.

3. Contesting and Defending Procurement Processes

• Contesting Procurement Documentation: When discrepancies or disputes arise, parties may contest the documentation before public authorities. This process is crucial for addressing grievances related to the tender process. Representation by skilled lawyers ensures that the contestation is grounded in solid legal arguments and is presented effectively to the appropriate authorities.

• Representation before the Procurement Monitoring Bureau (PMB): The PMB acts as the regulatory body overseeing public procurement processes in Latvia. Legal representation before the PMB can involve defending a client’s tender proposal or challenging the decisions made by procuring entities. Expert legal guidance is essential during these proceedings to navigate the complexities of administrative law and procurement regulations.

• Court Representation: When disputes escalate to legal challenges, representation before courts becomes necessary. Whether challenging a procurement decision or defending a procurement process, having experienced legal professionals is crucial. They ensure that the client’s case is robust, with a well-formulated strategy based on a comprehensive understanding of Latvian public procurement laws and judicial precedents.

4. Legal Examples and Specific Laws

• Example Case: An instance where a legal challenge was raised against a procurement decision, citing non-adherence to Article 69 of the Public Procurement Law regarding equal treatment and non-discrimination.

• Specific Laws Referenced:

Public Procurement Law, Article 69: Focuses on the principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination.

• Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 353: Outlines the detailed procedures for public procurement, which lawyers use to guide their clients through compliance and dispute resolution.


The public procurement sector in Latvia offers significant opportunities for businesses but also poses substantial legal challenges. Navigating this field requires not only an understanding of the law but also strategic legal counsel capable of managing complex procurement procedures and disputes.CersJurkāns Attorneys at law and lawyers provide the expertise needed to navigate these challenges effectively, ensuring that their clients can confidently engage in public procurement activities.

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