How Can Accurate Medical Coding Help Your Healthcare Practice?






Data has become the most helpful asset in every industry of the present era. A huge amount of data is collected corresponding to various purposes every day. Some of the major examples of data collection are customer records, loan details, and patient records. The collection of this data is never a complex task but the management of data is a very complex task. Moreover, the data collected in the medical domain is quite different from other industries as it consists of information regarding patients’ medical history, insurance claim details, and billing details.

A small error in the storage and management of this medical data can cause some life-taking problems. The data in hospitals is mainly stored and managed through medical coding services. Moreover, healthcare BPO services can also help the hospitals to focus more on medical research and their patients. It reduces the unnecessary efforts of hospitals in managing the database. It also manages the insurance claiming services, and thereby hospitals don’t need to look up teach person’s insurance. If you acquire accurate medical coding services and healthcare BPO services, you can improve your reputation as well as reduce possible errors.

What is medical coding?

Medical coding can be defined as converting the procedures, medical requirements, equipment, diagnosis, and medical services into alphanumeric codes. The corresponding codes can be referenced from medical record documentation. Physician’s notes and laboratory and radiology results can be considered the best source of medical record documentation. The physician can use the coded medical history to diagnose you. It also ensures the quick settlement of insurance claims.

Medical coding is the primary requirement as the number of patients visiting the hospital is very high. The physician can’t remember the medical history of all the patients. Many problems will arise if we try to handle all the medical history records manually. A small mistake in the manual entry can act as a hurdle in the claim settlement process.

Benefits of accurate medical coding

Medical coding provides you with a large bundle of benefits ranging from a quick claim settlement process to accurate recording of patients’ medical history. But the medical coding services are of no use if it is not accurate. An accurate medical coding ensures that the medical history record of any patient will not be missing. It also ensures that the physician can have a clear idea about what the patient is going through by looking at the represented data. The major benefits of accurate medical coding are listed below:

  • Determine the severity of the illness of the patient.
  • Medical necessity of the patient.
  • Obtain the medical history of a patient.
  • Find the weak points in the patient’s health.
  • Value-based payment.
  • Quick settlement of claims.
  • Identify major risks to patient health.
  • Measurement of quality outcomes.
  • Risk management of the system.
  • Auditing to improve medical coding quality.
  • Fill missing gaps between the patient and the insurance company.

An accurate medical coding system can help you achieve maximum output with minimum effort. But if you try to create the system in-house, it will take a lot of time and attention. It is advisable to outsource your coding and billing services to a medical coding servicesprovider or healthcare BPO services provider.

Outsourcing medical coding services

If you try to code various medical services in-house, it will take a lot of time and effort. You will have to shift your focus from medical research and better patient care to record-keeping and functions management. You will also need to train your staff regarding different entry systems and how to store data within the system. It can also lead to an inaccurate medical coding system. Moreover, the coder you have hired doesn’t need to follow the required coding standards.

The best way to achieve accuracy and reduce your time and efforts is by outsourcing your medical coding services to a third party. The healthcare BPO services provider is responsible for training its staff and keeping updated on the current trends. It will also help you if you face any problems with the system.

Benefits of outsourcing medical coding services

Benefits of outsourcing medical coding services are below:

  • Minimal time and effort wastage.
  • Ensures that coding standard is followed.
  • Up-to-date coding certifications of coders.
  • Consistent staffing levels.
  • Efforts to find the right medical coder is saved.
  • Medical coding services provide scalability and flexibility.
  • You can invest more time in medical research and taking care of patients.
  • Healthcare BPO services guarantee consistency and accuracy.
  • Transparency in the coding system.
  • Guarantee of data security.
  • Data recovery.
  • Quick and Easy insurance claim settlements.
  • Ability to generate customer-specific reports.
  • Reduced accounts receivable days.


Accurate medical coding is an essential task that you must fulfill to provide your patients with better hospitality. It helps your patients to have quick and easy claim settlements. It also helps the physician access the patient’s medical history and suggests a proper diagnosis to the patient. It is advisable to outsource your various healthcare functions to medical coding services provider or healthcare BPO services provider. It ensures you that minimal time wastage and provides some other features. It will reduce your time and effort in searching for coders and performing in-house coding.

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