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Blogging is usually a side job for people who hope to one day quit their jobs. However, in the long run, a lot of revenue will be required from blogger to blogger.
Some people with business ideas make their first $100 online within months – like Brittany Berger, founder of Work Brighter, who immediately started making money. Berger makes a simple $20 digital download which he features on his weekly newsletter and newsletter subscription page. “In the early stages of my blog, I was able to convert most of my audience,” he says.
Mushfiq Sarkar is another blogger who started blogging full time in 2008. Although Mushfiq has no previous business experience, he says, “I quit my job in April 2021 to focus. on Flip because… it’s so important and I’m really excited to develop this website and blog. ”
Now, in a few years, the blog will generate significant income: “I started in April 2020 at the end of the deployment. Many people still know me by name. But not because I’m a blogger or entrepreneur, I started making quick money – in a day or two. year. two months.”

Select a niche

A niche is a particular topic from a broad topic, such as vegan recipes. By choosing one for your blog, readers will build a relationship with your site. They know exactly what to expect when they visit, increasing the chance you are their first port of call when you ask for advice.
“Before monetization, it was about quality and execution if you wanted to stand out,” said Mushfiq, founder of The Website Flip.
You can find a wide variety of bloggers, from business software to pet accessories. Although not all niches are good. haino teko

Profitable niche blogs meet three criteria:

This is something you are familiar with and/or interested in. Blogs need lots of consistently high quality content to build an audience and be profitable. Not only will it be more fun to blog about something you are passionate about, but you will also increase your chances of making money. It’s easier to stick with a hobby we love.
Low competition. Popular blogs, brands, or forums in your niche show that others are benefiting from them. Likewise, do a Google search to gauge how difficult your keywords are to rank for. It will be more difficult to generate organic traffic if big name brands (with bigger marketing budgets) dominate the first page of search results.
Sell ​​ad placement
Companies are willing to pay bloggers to place ads on their websites. Lend them unused space in exchange for a fee.

There are two ways to build this revenue stream for your blog:

Negotiate with companies individually. Find niche companies and ask if they are interested in advertising on your site. This is a time consuming approach and you need strong negotiation skills, but if done well, it can make the most money.
Use advertising networks. Do you prefer a hands-free approach? Platforms such as Google AdSense, Mediavine, and AdThrive claim space on your blog and manage advertiser billing. Just embed their code on your site and get paid to show ads.
For Emily Brookes, a blogger at Emily May, graphic advertising is the most profitable sales channel for my blog.

Tamilplay is a website that provides Tamil movies download for free. It was started in 2007 by a group of passionate Tamil movie fans. The website offers a large selection of Tamil movies, both old and new, to its users.

Become a part of affiliate programme

Affiliate marketing is the process of offering products to your blog audience. You will receive a commission when you purchase a product using your personal link.
This is a great income opportunity for bloggers, as the content they share already influences their purchasing decisions. Make your blog a hub for educational content and you’ll build the knowledge, likes and trust you need to sell.. Join existing e-commerce businesses and become a virtual salesperson for them.
If you want to make money blogging this way, join an affiliate marketing network like ShareASale, AWIN, or ClickBank. Browse programs in your industry, apply to join, create custom referrals, and track affiliate earnings through your dashboard.
You can also look for high-ticket affiliate programs at merchants that sell expensive products like electronics, jewellery, or software. Bloggers receive a substantial check when they recommend the article to readers. For example, Shopify affiliates receive 100% commission on the first two deposits of any subscription plan.

Monetize your YouTube videos

Did you join an affiliate program to monetize your blog? Expand your scope – then your revenue stream – by diversifying the content you create.
Add video marketing to your list to maximise your affiliate commissions. 88% of people are sure to buy something after watching a branded video. Do these tutorials, reviews or collections and you’ll be rewarded when viewers buy behind your recommendations.
Increase your money on blog by treating every content based on video script. Sign up for the same topic, then edit the video and upload it to YouTube.
For example, the blogger behind A Beautiful Mess has posted a YouTube video showing how to build a built-in shelf. The video description directs people to a blog post, which contains a link to the product used in the tutorial.


Building a blog is not an easy process. The best revenue generators depend on your niche, your relationship with your audience, and the format of the content you produce. Focus on creating great content and loyal readers first, then experiment with these monetization tactics.The downside to this podcast approach is that it can be expensive – both in terms of time and money.. To produce your own podcast, you’ll also need equipment such as a high-quality microphone and editing software.

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