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There’s been a massive spike in pre-roll sales, turning it into one of the most significant sectors in the cannabis industry. In a sense, the cannabis industry is in a stage where it’s mirroring tobacco. Though loose tobacco continues to have a market, it’s not as prominent as packs of cigarettes. Pre-rolls come in boxes and singles, making it far more convenient than ever. Read More

Why Are Pre-Rolls So Popular?

Presenting an array of options to your customers will undoubtedly spark curiosity. One of the most brilliant effects of the pre-roll sector is that it’s created many choices that speak to everyone’s preferences. Not only are they available in various strains but also in sizes, as well. Since pre-roll cones entered the market, it’s become easier for businesses to create ready-to-smoke joints, whether singles or packs. The pre-roll cones come in various sizes, from 1 ¼ inch papers that are perfect for solo sessions and come in packs of 5-10. Then, there are the king-size pre-rolls, which can similarly be found in boxes but, more often, packaged in single tubes.

Another reason pre-rolls gained steam is because of infused joints. The infused joint consists of your regular joint and concentrates or extracts that pack an extra punch. Infused pre-rolls have gained momentum, especially for those looking to elevate the experience with extracts.

Pre-rolls are an excellent complimentary token for your customers, too. Many companies use pre-rolls as a promotional tool or incentivize customers to spend more money. Regardless, pre-rolls will soon become the norm of the cannabis industry, so it’s time to understand how to prepare joints for sale efficiently.

How Are Pre-Rolls Made?

There was a point when pre-roll joints relied on manual labor, but we’re past that point. In the early days of legalization, employees would hand-roll joints to perfection before packaging and sale. However, this method isn’t efficient and, in some cases, increases labor costs. There are machines available that take care of the whole process for you. Companies can have dozens, if not hundreds, of pre-roll joints in minutes with a shredder and pre-roll machine.

Shredding Machine

Imagine how long it takes to roll hundreds of joints by hand. Now, think about how long it would take if you had to grind pounds of weed by hand before rolling the joints. There’s little use in grinding cannabis by hand if you’re looking to mass-produce pre-rolls. So, investing in a shredding machine is a critical factor.

Though you’ll need a trimming machine to remove the stems, a shredder will turn your beautiful buds into a ground consistency. Nothing too fine, but also not too clumpy. A perfect in-between that allows each joint to burn evenly and slowly.

A shredding machine is an incredible investment. Brands like Futurola have a plethora of commercial shredders to get the job done. Some can shred five pounds of weed within seven seconds, while others can shred and remove stems in a similar amount of time. Ultimately, a shredding machine is essential for cannabis dispensaries and companies that want to generate additional income.

Pre-Roll Machine

A pre-roll machine is essential for every cannabis dispensary and cannabis operator. These often don’t take up a lot of space. So, it’s perfect for storing in a backroom of a storefront or even in an office. However, these are compatible with basically every rolling paper and pre-roll cone on the market and make the process of having joints on shelves incredibly quick.

After shredding your weed, you’ll need to add your pre-roll cones into the machine before adding your ground cannabis into the machine. From there, it’ll evenly distribute and pack each joint to perfection. At that point, it just needs to be packaged and ready to hit the shelves.

Another reason a pre-roll machine is excellent for dispensaries is to maximize the profits from shake. Dispensaries are often left with ounces of shake that customers often don’t find desirable. However, if packed into a joint, these can become an excellent addition to your inventory without wasting any cannabis products.

Bottom Line

Without wasting extensive financial resources on hand-rolled joints, pre-roll machines and shredders can help elevate your cannabis brand or dispensary and increase revenue.

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