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Are you a fan of Elden Ring? Do you want to take your game to the next level? Then you’ll want to learn about all the All Elden Ring Achievements in the game. From beginner achievements to those that are more difficult, this blog post covers everything you need to know about achieving greatness in Elden Ring. We’ve included step-by-step instructions on how to unlock each achievement, as well as tips and tricks to make it easier. So, what are you waiting for – let’s start exploring!

All Elden Ring Achievements

There are a total of 38 achievements in Elden Ring.

The first achievement is All Elden Ring Achievements which is earned by defeating the game’s main boss, Dormin.

The second achievement is “The True Hero”, which is earned by completing all of the game’s side quests

The third achievement is “The Master Thief”, which is earned by stealing all of the game’s treasure chests.

The fourth achievement is “The Pathfinder”, which is earned by discovering all of the game’s secret areas.

The fifth achievement is “To Hell and Back”, which is earned by surviving all of the game’s death traps.

How to Get the All Elden Ring Achievement

1. The first 12 achievements can be obtained by simply completing the game’s main story.

2. After defeating the final boss, you’ll unlock the “New Game+” option. This is where you can start the game again with all your previous progress and gear intact. Completing New Game+ will net you the “Completionist” achievement.

3. There are 11 missable achievements in Elden Ring. Make sure to complete all side quests and explore every nook and cranny to get them all. Refer to a comprehensive guide if needed.

4. To get the “Treasure Hunter” achievement, you’ll need to find and open 50 treasure chests scattered throughout the game world.

5. Collectibles play a big part in Elden Ring as well. There are 120 Grubs to find, 10 Great Belts, 30 Great Swords, and 30 Greatshields hidden throughout the game world. Finding all of them will earn you the “Collector” achievement.

6. Defeating certain enemies and bosses will also net you specific achievements. Refer to a comprehensive guide for their locations so you don’t miss any of them.

7 Finally, there are 3 achievements that can only be obtained by playing online multiplayer with other lyers: “PvP Master”, “Epic Win”, and “Legend


The world of All Elden Ring Achievements  is rich and filled with secrets, and its achievements system gives players an extra incentive to explore every inch. While the game has yet to be released, these achievement lists provide a good insight into what kind of content you can expect from your journey through the murky depths of this mysterious land. From conquering dangerous bosses to completing challenging puzzles, there are plenty of exciting activities available for you in Elden Ring. Excited for all that awaits? We sure are!

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