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In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of Pinoytv shows. These shows are usually aired on cable channels and can be quite addictive. If you’re not familiar with them, here are five things you need to know about Pinoy TV shows: 1. They are typically lighthearted and often have a quirky tone 2. They feature a mix of Filipino and international stars 3. They’re generally shot in locations around the Philippines 4. They’re popular among Filipinos of all ages 5. They offer an insight into Filipino culture that you won’t find on other networks

What is Pinoytv?

PinoyTV is a free-to-air digital television network in the Philippines. It was launched on November 14, 2007, as AksyonTV and was co-owned by Broadcast Television Pilipinas (BTI) and TV5 Network Incorporated (now Star TV Network). On October 25, 2015, it merged with the GMA Network to form Aksyon GMA.

In December 2009, AksyonTV became a pioneer in Asia Pacific to broadcast high-definition television using the MPEG-4 AVC standard.

History of Pinoytv

Pinoy TV was first aired on September 12, 1995, as an experimental television network. The network was originally composed of programs produced by the National Humanities Center (NHC), Centro Escolar University (CEPT), and other educational institutions in the Philippines. The NHC and CEPT formed the Pinoy TV Development Corporation to air the network.

In 1997, after several months of testing, Pinoy TV became a full-fledged commercial television network with its own programming line-up. The network was initially owned by radio and television broadcaster ABS-CBN Corporation, but it later passed on ownership to private investors in 1998. Initially, Pinoy TV operated as a general entertainment channel targeting Filipino viewers with no specific genre or format. However, over time it developed into a more specialized channel focusing on Philippine culture and heritage.

Today, Pinoy TV is one of the most popular channels in the Philippines with a viewership of over 120 million people. It is available nationwide through ABS-CBN’s cable and satellite networks and various other digital platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Programming on Pinoytv

Pinoy tv is one of the leading cable and satellite TV providers in the Philippines. With its growing subscriber base, the company has been continuously expanding its programming library to cater to a wider range of viewers. In this article, we will be discussing some of the programming options available on pinoy tv.

First and foremost, there are various movie channels that offer current blockbusters and older movies for moviegoers to enjoy. Some popular movie channels include GMA Film Channel, Star Cinema, and The Filipino Channel. Other channels such as Aksi Cebu TV, Pinoy TV Sports+, and Miracle Channel provide a variety of content including dramas, comedies, action shows, and more.

For viewers who want to get their fix of local news and current events, there are several channels that offer this type of programming such as ABS-CBN News Channel (formerly known as ANC) and CNN Philippines. Plus, there are also specific news channels for different regions in the Philippines like Ilocos Sur News Channel and ZTV Bukidnon News Channel.

When it comes to music preferences, there are many options on pinoy tv including local bands and artists as well as international performers. Popular music channels include GMA 7’s Myx Music Live!, ABS-CBN’s Top Ten Hits!, FM 91.3’s MYXclusive! All Access!, Radio Mindanao’s Top 40 songs!, Wish 107 FM’

Thepinoy tv App

If you want to learn more about the latest Filipino TV shows then you need to check out the Pinoy tv app. It’s an app that offers a variety of content, including new and old shows alike. You can also find exclusive clips and interviews with your favorite celebrities. Plus, the app is constantly adding new content so you can always stay up-to-date on all of the latest Philippine TV shows.


Pinoy tv is a streaming service that offers a variety of Filipino shows and movies for subscribers. The service has been available in the United States for about two years, and it’s growing rapidly in popularity. Whether you want to watch your favorite telenovela or enjoy some classic comedies, pinoy tv has something for you. In this article, we’ll show you how to sign up for Pinoy tv and start watching your favorite programs right away.

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