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Wallington Plumbing Supply is proud to support the communities they serve by providing high-quality, high-end products and services at fair prices to residential and commercial customers.  Wallington Plumbing Supply has become one of the most successful plumbing supply businesses in the world. Learn more

When most people think about plumbing supplies, they think about sinks, toilets, and pipes—but when you think about plumbing supplies, Wallington Plumbing Supply comes to mind. Whether you’re looking for bathroom remodeling products, kitchen remodeling products, or plumbing fixtures, Wallington’s got it all.

What is Wallington Plumbing Supply?

Wallington Plumbing Supply offers plumbing parts for every home improvement project. With a wide selection of parts ranging from fixtures to valves, the company prides itself on being able to help its customers easily fix their plumbing problems. Whether you’re installing a new fixture or replacing a broken part, Wallington Plumbing Supply can help.

 How does Wallington Plumbing Supply Got Started?

The Wallington Plumbing Supply company is the largest distributor of plumbing products and supplies in the U.S. They are the exclusive manufacturer of the WaterSense® Certified label, which identifies water-efficient fixtures. The Wallington Plumbing Supply website states that the company was founded in 1976, and is headquartered in Wallington, Connecticut. They have over 2,500 employees and operate more than 80 stores in the United States. Read more

How Can Wallington Plumbing Supply Help My Business Grow?

Wallington Plumbing Supply offers a vast range of plumbing products to help you complete any project. When purchasing from Wallington Plumbing Supply, you don’t need to be concerned with finding a specific product. Wallington Plumbing Supply stocks everything you need to complete your next plumbing project. Need a new faucet, a toilet, or a sink? We have the perfect product to satisfy your needs. From traditional plumbing fixtures to high-end finishes, our extensive inventory is sure to have everything you need.

 How Can I Order Wallington Plumbing Supply Products?

Wallington Plumbing Supply is the number one plumbing supply store in the country. They offer a wide variety of supplies, including toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and kitchen faucets, and they are extremely easy to navigate online. So, if you’re looking for a specific product, you can find it on the site. If you’re looking to buy a whole bunch of supplies, you can do that, too. The company offers free shipping, too, making it an ideal solution if you’re looking for all of the home improvement tools you need for a DIY project.

Is Wallington Plumbing Supply Safe to Use?

Wallington Plumbing Supply is safe, but they want you to use a different plumbing supply company to complete your project. Their recommendation? “We don’t recommend Wallington Plumbing Supply as a source for your plumbing needs,” says a representative of the company.

Final words

This company is reliable and offers great products for your bathroom remodel. They are very easy to navigate online and are very easy to use. You can order all of the products you need on the site. They offer free shipping on orders over $99. They also offer great customer service. It’s important to look for reviews of products online to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

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