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Rhymesayers Entertainment is one of the most influential independent music labels in America. Founded by Adam Yauch, aka MCA, in 1989, the label has released some of the most iconic hip-hop albums of all time. Now, Rhymesayers is back with a new album and some new signings—including who are the island boy rappers from the Virgin Islands. If you’re not familiar with these artists, now’s your chance to learn all about them. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the island boy rappers and their music.

Who are the who are the island boy rappers?

The who are island boy rappers are a group of young artists from the Caribbean who have begun to gain attention in recent years. They rap about their experiences growing up on the islands and their love for music. Some of the members of the group include Sean Paul, J Balvin, The Weeknd, and Calum Scott.

What is their music like?

When it comes to who are the island boy rappers, the island boy rappers are known for their smooth, soulful sound. These artists hail from various parts of the Caribbean and often incorporate reggae and calypso into their music.

Some of the most popular island boy appears include Sean Paul, Justin Bieber, Wyclef Jean, and Beenie Man. Most of these artists combine powerful lyrics with catchy melodies that set their music apart from other genres. Some of their best-known songs include “We No Speak Americano,” “No Limit,” and “Lean On.”

The island boy rappers often tour internationally to promote their music. They have also collaborated with major recording artists such as Rihanna and Shakira. Their unique style has made them popular among fans both in the Caribbean and around the world.

Where do they come from?

The island boy rappers are a subgenre of hip-hop that emerged in the early 1990s in the US Virgin Islands. The rappers, who are often of mixed race, typically rap about their life experiences on the islands and their interactions with other Caribbean residents. Their music is characterized by its calypso-inspired beats and lyrical content, and it has been compared to New Orleans funk music.

The island boy owe their name to the fact that many of them were born on or near the Virgin Islands. Some of them, such as Christopher Martin and Wyclef Jean, has achieved international fame.

How did they become famous?

The three rappers, from the island of Guam, are known for their catchy beats and lyrical content. They each started out as solo artists before joining forces and forming a group in 2009. Since then, they’ve released several albums and have toured all around the world. Today, we’ll take a look at who these guys are and learn about their journey to fame.

First up is Remo Diaz, better known by his stage name Rick Ross. Ross was born on May 6th, 1971 in Miami, Florida. He began rapping at the age of 14 and quickly developed a following among local rappers. In 1998, he met producer Timbaland, and together they recorded the song “Ladies Man.” The song became an international hit and launched Ross’ career. Since then he’s released several successful albums including “Port of Miami” (1999), “Deeper Than Rap” (2002), “Teflon Don” (2005), “God Forgives… I Don’t” (2007), “Truelove” (2009), and most recently “Mastermind” (2015).

Next up is Khaled Mohamed aka Mos Def. Mos Def was born on March 17th, 1975 in Brooklyn, New York. He first gained attention as a member of the hip-hop group Black Star alongside Talib Kweli, Jarad Anthony Cephus, and Yasiin Bey stars Mos Def.


If you’re looking for some new who are to add to your playlist, look no further than the island These artists hail from places like the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and Puerto Rico and their lyrics reflect a unique culture and sensibility. Whether you’re into reggae-tinged hip-hop or brass-laden calypso, these singers will have you tapping your toes in no time.

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