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The hunt has begun…

If you need to track down a specific individual but aren’t sure where to start, a quick Google search is a great place to start. Information about a person, including their history, contact details, location on a map, and recent headlines, may all be found with a simple Google search. What’s even better is that it’s completely free! Read More

Here’s some information:

This is a no-cost service, so if you’re ever asked to pay to access the data, you should probably back out.

From Where to Begin

Verification of an unknown number’s owner’s identity via phone call back

It’s possible to get started with a Google reverse phone lookup. Simply enter the phone number if you know it. This could be a means of tracking down the wanted individual. In the event that you are unable to determine the person’s phone number, you can use the company name instead. Don’t forget to put quotation marks around the company’s name if you’re typing it. Learn More

Someone’s name in quote marks will reveal more information about them than you might expect. You might not need to use quote marks unless the person’s name is extremely uncommon. You may help find this person by providing any details you have about them, such as their residence, their place of business, or the groups they are affiliated with.

Identifying Someone Who Has Pictures

The number of people who use social networking sites to upload photos and images is constantly growing. When you type a person’s name or company name into Google, you’ll often be met with a gallery of such photos. Images saved on your hard drive or the image’s URL can both serve as search starting points. The best place to look for pictures on Google is at images.google.com. So, here’s what you’ll observe:


The image address can be copied by right-clicking the picture and selecting “Copy image address/URL.”

When you right-click on an image and choose “Save image,” the image will be saved to your computer or laptop.

Repeat this process for each image you want to upload.

To add a photo, go to the “Upload an image” menu and look for the file you just saved.

Look at what happens when you click on pictures of people by clicking on their names. Using Google’s intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily organise your photo collection by dimension, hue, and creation date. Having a photo of the individual you’re trying to locate might greatly expedite the search process. After Google’s image scanner processes the image, it will return search results that are relevant to the image you uploaded.

This massive social networking scene has attracted millions of users. Starting with the most obvious platform, Facebook, users are uploading photos to other social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Do not overlook the plethora of online dating services. It is not difficult to find a person online in this day and age, especially when you take into account business sites like LinkedIn and advertising sites.


Searching for Pictures Using Your Cell Phone

On a mobile Chrome browser, Google Search can be used instead. Find Chrome on the Google Play Store, where it’s freely downloadable. This is compatible with both iOS and Android.

While you can’t actually upload images, you can use any image you discover online in your search. Chrome will help you find the precise image you need to use in your search. Select the search image by pressing and holding down on it. In a few seconds, a selection of options will become available. The image search box should be opened by clicking “Search Google for this image.” You can now conduct a Google Image search based on the image you clicked.

Prepare for a Google News Alert

If you want to know what someone is up to online, all you have to do is set up a Google News Alert. To be successful, this requires the target to have a regular online presence.

What is a Google News Alert and how do I create one?

Google Alerts’ home page is where you should click. You can customize the page to receive notifications about specific types of information at specific intervals, sent to a specific email address, and more. From this central alerts page, you can change the way you get news alerts, switch to text emails, or even export them.

The Practice of Tracking Down a Person Via Google Maps

The use of Google Maps is another method of finding someone. To use Google Maps, simply input a location’s address into the search bar and select from the list of available options: street view, satellite view, aerial view, hybrid view, neighborhood view, business listings, name and address lookup, and so on. You might or might not be able to use Google Maps to find the address given to you. If you locate what you’re looking for, you can either print the map or send the link to your friends.

Were you aware…?

Any Google Maps listing, including websites, addresses, and phone numbers, can be clicked on to bring up review scores for the pinpointed business.

Using Google to track someone gets less complicated by the day.

Suppose the individual you’re trying to locate was killed in an earthquake.

You can find practically anyone by using Google’s people search.

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