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Locke Plumbing Supply is an employee-owned distributor of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC products. The company was founded in 1955 and has grown to 160 locations in five states. The company’s growth has led to more diverse products and services. Today, Locke Plumbing Supply serves a variety of industries, including commercial, residential, and industrial. Learn More

Locke Supply is an employee owned distributor

Locke Supply is an employee owned distributor of all types of plumbing supplies. The company was started in 1955 and has since grown into a multi-state plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and building supply company with over 160 stores. Today, the company has more than 160 locations in five states.

The company’s philosophy of employee ownership is evident in the way the company runs. For example, during trade shows, the corporate office runs on a skeleton crew, and all 166 of its branches shut down on the second day. Rather than looking to churn out a new management team, Locke Supply focuses on promoting from within. For example, the majority of management at Locke Supply came up through the ranks and have combined experience of 4,300 years. Read more

It sells plumbing

Locke plumbing supply sells plumbing supplies to plumbers throughout Oklahoma. It is an employee-owned, family-run distributor based in Oklahoma City. Its history dates back to 1955, when Don and Wanda Locke opened a wholesale plumbing supply outlet in Bartlesville, OK. With a vision to bring products to customers in their territory, the company has continued to expand. Today, it has 180 locations across seven states.

Locke plumbing supply recently opened its Unique Beginnings showroom in Oklahoma City, which features a 10,000 square-foot design center. The center is run by Sarah Overton, a Locke employee. The store opened in summer 2020 and has received positive feedback. Customers have commented on the modern showroom.

It sells HVAC

Locke Plumbing Supply is an employee-owned company headquartered in Oklahoma City. The company has been serving the HVAC and plumbing needs of companies in Oklahoma for over a century. Its products and services include plumbing and HVAC parts and accessories. Locke Supply’s history dates back to 1955, when Don and Wanda Locke opened a wholesale plumbing supply outlet in Bartlesville, OK. The Lockes had a unique marketing vision: they would bring merchandise to their customers’ territories. They offered excellent customer service and their business quickly grew.

Locke Plumbing Supply has locations across Oklahoma. The company has recently expanded its presence in the Historic Triangle area, moving into the former Kmart location. Kmart closed in the year 2019 after 34 years, and Locke Plumbing Supply will take advantage of this opportunity. The new location will have a location close to the Historic Triangle, 2001 S. Military Highway.

It sells electrical

If you are in the market for some plumbing supplies or electrical products, you might be interested in the products Locke Plumbing Supply sells. This company sells products to thousands of retail locations. They also distribute electrical products to thousands of businesses. Founded in 1955, Locke Plumbing Supply sells plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical supplies.

Locke Supply is an employee-owned distributor headquartered in Oklahoma City. Its roots go back to 1955 when Don and Wanda Locke opened a plumbing wholesale outlet in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Their marketing philosophy was to take merchandise to their customers’ territory. This approach proved successful because it allowed them to provide exceptional customer service. Today, Locke has over 160 store locations across 5 states and a 45-acre distribution center.

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