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Blue World City is the most affluent housing community in Islamabad. The blocks that make up this community have raised the project’s worth. Additionally, every block is designed best so that each investor wants to invest in it. The overseas block is also there for foreign investors in BWC. Additionally, this society’s designers want to offer its inhabitants the friendliest and most abundant living conditions. As a result, the residents of this society will have access to all amenities. Therefore, you can be sure that investing in a luxury property in Blue City will yield a profitable outcome. In this post, we’ll discuss Blue World City Guide about a most luxurious block; continue reading. 

Blue World City Guide of Luxurious Block

The purpose of Blue World residential society is to serve investors, notably inhabitants of twin cities. Therefore, the return on investment is the most crucial factor to consider while investing. In this residential community, there are numerous luxurious properties. First, however, while discussing the BWC’s most luxurious blocks. The obvious response is that Blue World City’s Waterfront Block is the most elegant.

The waterfront is a beautiful enhancement to the venture. Moreover, the Blue World City price details of waterfront block properties are economical & affordable to investors. Furthermore, the value of Blue World City is also increased by the waterfront block in terms of representation, richness, and luxury & elegance. The blue world city guide about the waterfront block is given below.

Blue World City Waterfront Block

The Waterfront Block of BWC is mainly described by the phrases “luxurious lifestyle,” “comfort,” & “classiness.” Some of BWC’s best luxurious residences, including penthouses, are located on this block. Moreover, this is the area for you that gives you a natural VIP feeling when you’re staying there.

In addition, the unique expansion of this BWC block will face the water, as its name suggests. From an investment standpoint, this block is also a good choice. The block fills with excitement thanks to its high-end amenities, stunning location, & appealing features.

Waterfront Block Location

Location is crucial when buyers, both residents & investors, wish to purchase a property. The Blue World City Masterplan’s Phases 5 and 6 are close by, and there are large & stunning water bodies there. Moreover, this block is easily accessible from Rawalpindi & Islamabad. It is ideally situated, smoothly away from a busy atmosphere but close enough to enjoy all the city’s amenities.

In addition, the Blue World City Guide describes the Blue World waterfront block’s location as follows:

  • Lahore Islamabad M2 Motorway
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Top City-1
  • Giga Mall Rawalpindi
  • Defense Housing Authority
  • International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Bahria Town Islamabad
  • National Agricultural Research Centre
  • Islamabad International Airport

Everyone can access BWC’s waterfront block from the given below accessible points.

  • Sihal_3 Minutes
  • Chakri M2 Toll Plaza_13 Minutes
  • New Islamabad Airport Road_31 Minutes
  • Rawalpindi_32 Minutes
  • Khanial Homes_33 Minutes
  • lslamabad_33 Minutes
  • N5 National Highway_48 Minutes
  • Defense Housing Authority_57 Minutes
  • Saddar-Rawalpindi_60 Minutes

Waterfront Block Features

The goal of BWC, an opulent & elegant housing complex, is to offer its residents first-rate services. The waterfront block is the same. Given that it is a component of a residential community, this block also provides cutting-edge services. High-end amenities & incredible facilities have been made available to consumers by developers. Moreover, the blue world city guide regarding what features this block offers are given below:


The Blue World City Waterfront is the perfect place to start a waterfall, the peak of beauty. 

Floating Restaurants

A distinctive feature of this BWC block is a floating restaurant with a luxurious design, global infrastructure standards, and a magnificent outlook.

Best Walk Path

Next to the WSC-Water Sports Club, a walking route will construct to highlight the waterfront block’s attractiveness. Moreover, residents enjoy the beauty of the stunning lake while going through the commercial area, where the walkway will lead them.

Water Sports Club

The aquatics club, a sports complex of international repute, is located in the BWC. Therefore, water sports will soon be available to Waterfront Block inhabitants.

Salient Features

There are many features in this block, but some of them features are:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Gated Community
  • Boundary Wall
  • Education Institutes
  • Food Streets
  • Water Belts
  • Outdoor Cinemas
  • Electricity, Water & Gas
  • Medical Centers
  • Dancing Fountain


The Waterfront Block is a brand-new spectacular addition to the Blue World City residential complex. Although many blocks have many amenities, the Waterfront block has crossed the number from a luxurious point of view. Moreover, it is situated next to phases 5 & 7 of the overseas block, which was built in the past several years. Therefore, stunning views of the Sawan River can be found across Water Front Block. Moreover, residential & commercial properties are part of the Waterfront block. Additionally, it has offered a representation of elegance, magnificence, luxury, and surroundings with cutting-edge conveniences. Lastly, according to everything mentioned above in the Blue World City Guide about luxurious blocks, a waterfront block is an elegant block.

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