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Students at Johns Hopkins University have access to basic university-wide services and their email accounts through the myJHU site.

This is your entry point to hundreds of web applications offered by Johns Hopkins, as well as important information pertaining to your Johns Hopkins community. Read More

Instructions on how to log into the myJHU portal

to access the myJHU portal;

Go to the website.

Simply navigate your mouse to the top right corner of your screen and select the “Log in” option.

Please enter your JHED ID to log in.

Login to the myjhu website

Login to the myjhu website

How to set up your own personal myJH account

If you are unsure about your JHED ID, go to myJH and follow the procedures that are provided there.

Find the search tool for the JH Enterprise Directory (also known as JHED) under the section labelled Featured Tools + Resources.

Click the search button after entering your name with the format “Last, First,” and then search for it.

In the event that your search returns many results, you will need to go through the list of results to identify the one that corresponds to your needs. After you’ve completed those steps, navigate to the Full Name column and click on your name there. Learn More

You will notice your JHED ID to the right of the label that says “Login ID” when you proceed to the next screen. After you have located your JHED ID, you will need to use it to log in to your myJHU account.

How can I change the password for my JHU account?

In most cases, after a password has been generated for your JHED ID, it will be functional for a period of time equal to half a year. The password will become invalid after a period of six months, at which point you will be notified that a new password is required.

You have the ability to change the password, but you must follow the steps that have been provided. However, if you wish to change your password for any other reason and it has not yet reached its expiration date, you can do so by following the procedures that are provided below.

To change the password that you use to log in to JHU:

Create an account at

After you have successfully logged in, navigate to the top right of the page and select the button labelled “myProfile.”

To modify your password for myProfile, go to the Password Management section and select the Change Password option.

First, enter your existing password, and then proceed to create a new one.

You could also be asked to change the security questions associated with your account. After everything is finished, click the option labelled “Change Password and Set Security Questions.”

It seems like you were successful in changing your password.

Adding a Nickname to myJHU and How to Do It

If you would like to alter your nickname on the myJHU Portal, please follow these instructions. This information will be displayed whenever you send or receive email as well as whenever someone searches for you in the directory.

Visit in order to log in.

To access your profile, navigate to “myProfile” and then click on it.

Scroll down until you reach the section labelled “Nick Name,” then click in the text box to give yourself the nickname you choose. Use the drop-down menu to change who is allowed to see it.

Simply scroll down to find the “Preserve myProfile” option, which will save your choices.

Please be aware that your complete legal name will still be used throughout all aspects of your myJHU experience, including but not limited to your bills, grades, transcripts (both unofficial and official), and class registration. The only method to alter this is to change your name legally and then provide the Registrar’s Office with an official document indicating the change in your name so that they may update your information in the system. This is the only way to change this.

Just what is the JHED?

Students at Johns Hopkins University can use JHED to gain access to a variety of online services, including the myJHU portal, JHU SIS, and JHU email. JHED is an online database that contains an extensive amount of contact information.

“Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory” is what is meant by the abbreviation “JHED.”

Your JHED Login ID, which is sometimes referred to as your JHED ID or your JHED LID, is the username that you use in order to connect to the JHED system. Other names for your username include your JHED ID or your JHED LID. New JHED IDs for newly enrolled students should have been sent to the new students via email.

Where to find your JHED ID and password

Finding out what your JHED ID is is the first thing you need to do in order to get started with your JHED account (or Login ID or LID). You can look up your JHED ID on any computer on campus by doing a search for yourself on that computer.


In the search box that’s located in the upper right corner of the screen, enter your last name.

After that, choose the GO button. If there are several people with your last name, find yourself first and then click on your name. If there is only one person with your last name, you may skip this step.

Your JHED ID (also known as Login ID or LID) will be shown on the screen.

Log in to your first account on JHED.

After you have found your JHED ID, you will be able to establish your account by logging in to the JHED system and providing some personal information.

Click the “FIRST TIME USER” link in the upper left corner of the initial screen that you see when you visit You may simply click the MYJH HELP button and proceed from there. How can I get started using this website for the first time?

After that, you will be brought to a screen labelled “First Time JHED User.” Fill up the field with your JHED ID (or Login ID or LID, if you choose). Verifying your identity and creating an account on the JHED system are both necessary steps before you can successfully log in for the first time.

You will be asked for both your date of birth and your social security number (NOTE: APL workers will be asked for their employee ID number instead). Following the verification of that information, you will be prompted to select a new password, along with a secret question and an answer to the secret question.

How to set up a password for your JHED account

Follow these steps to set up a password for your JHED account:

Go to and click the link that says “First Time User?” It’s on the left side of the page.

Please enter your login ID. Thanks! This is the ID that was sent to your email address. Do not attempt to search for yourself if the email titled “Your Johns Hopkins JHED Login ID” has not been sent to you already. Send an email to or give the number 410-516-8080 a call in its place.

Input the characters that are shown in the picture. Click “proceed.”

In compliance with the password policy, you are required to generate and then confirm your password.

Please enter the date of your birth.

Please enter the final five digits of your government-issued identification (SSN). An email will be sent to the international students at the personal email addresses that they provided. This email will contain their JHU Government ID number, which may be used in place of their ID at JHU.

Contact or call 410-516-8080 if you are an overseas student and have not received the email titled “Johns Hopkins Government ID.”

Choose three questions and answers for the security check. Click “proceed.”

You will be able to use your JHED ID to log in after you have received confirmation that your password has been set.

Make certain that you don’t forget your JHED login ID or password! Because of the sensitive nature of this information, you must not disclose your password to anybody.

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