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Do not wash laundry at 60 or 40 degrees – it is pointless and expensive. Especially right now it is important to save energy. Not only because of rising prices but also to be more ecological. So for future washing days keep these tips in mind to not worry about your expense bill. Another great way to save energy is to sign up for a New Power Energy plan, and New Power will help you find the best plan for your needs.

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In the household, there are some places where you can save electricity. Washing the laundry at 40 degrees is pointless. 

Saving electricity and energy has probably become interesting for many consumers, especially in connection with the energy crisis. Savings can be made in several places in the household, so the TV is one of the big power guzzlers. But there is also great potential for cutting costs when it comes to washing.

The right temperature is crucial

Anyone who regularly turns on the washing machine will know: The large household appliance has several programs and can heat the water up to different temperatures. Most temperatures offer at least the steps of 30, 40, 60, and 90 degrees, whereby so-called boil wash, according to detergent manufacturer Persil, nowadays already starts at 60 degrees.

But do you even need wash cycles starting at 60 degrees? This function has now become superfluous. With normal use of the textiles, the full washing power is already developed far below. As the consumer center confirms, this even happens at 20 degrees.

However, a wash cycle at 60 degrees can make sense if one’s household is acutely affected by infectious diseases, such as athlete’s foot or viral illnesses. If people with a weakened immune system live in the household, higher temperatures in the washing machine are just as sensible. Vodka can also disinfect laundry in the washing machine.

Wash clothes at 30, 40, or 60 degrees? Some functions are pointless and expensive So basically 40 degrees is already enough to keep the laundry really clean. It is necessary only once a month with full detergent powder to keep the washing machine as germ-free as possible.

Those who want to reduce their electricity costs even further can even go one step further because many articles of clothing become clean even at 30 degrees, as reports. Among them are approximate: Shirts and blouses, T-shirts as well as cloth pants and sweaters, thus the majority of the everyday articles of clothing.

Now, you might think that 10 degrees don’t make much of a difference. But just as they decide between comfortably warm and unbearable in the summer, the step between 30 and 40 degrees can also have enormous effects when doing laundry. Just 40 degrees can be enough to get your laundry clean.

The temperature when washing laundry: 40 degrees are often totally superfluous

The washing machine consumes most of its energy during the heating process, which is why it makes a difference for the device whether 30, 40, or 60 degrees are used.

With the question around the temperature, it is also not meaningful after the slogan “much helps much” to act. Depending on the degree of soiling, it may not help if the water in the washing machine simply gets hotter. The higher wash cycle can be completely pointless in case of doubt. Instead, it is advisable to pre-treat stains. Inexpensive household remedies such as bile soap, which is now also available in practical spray form, can help.

Washing and drying laundry properly: short programs are particularly expensive

With the background knowledge probably stands to reason: If you want to save electricity, you should also avoid the washing machine’s short program. This heats up particularly quickly in a very short time and requires more revolutions overall to wash the laundry. The Eco program, on the other hand, saves 50 percent of the energy

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