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Cryptocurrency is a new development in the field of finance. The wave began with the inception of the first crypto named Bitcoin by an anonymous founder named Satoshi Nakamoto. After its global success, came many new alternate currencies that are mainly called altcoins. And with that, there have been numerous crypto news websites to browse for. Bitcoin’s founder’s identity remains a mystery whether he is an individual or a group. The mystery remained as it is. However, there is a statue of the Bitcoin founder in Hungary you can wish to visit to see it. Well, our main focus is to provide all information about Bitcoin for beginners.

Bitcoin is no more a buzz today, as many new cryptocurrencies have made their presence in the crypto world. And this has made investors’ interest switch to exploring new options. Well, it is up to one’s choice of which of the cryptocurrencies they find more interesting to invest in. When it comes to getting altcoin daily news updates, then we need the best altcoin news site that provides authentic facts. So today join us in this article as we are going to mention some of the top crypto news websites that provide new updates on altcoins. 

Top 5 crypto news websites to look for altcoin news updates

Below are some of those cryptocurrency news websites that provide new updates on altcoins and their price status. Let us begin with:


Cryptoknowmics is the top-rated crypto news website that provides you with altcoin news live updates. Here you can search for blogs and articles where it covers myriad topics including the difference between a soft fork and a hard fork, crypto whale alert, Block Summit, price predictions of cryptocurrencies, new ICO listings, etc. The information published is correct and authentic as it is scanned by the experts. The website always aims to be ahead of its competitors in breaking the latest news to its users before they get to know from other sources. News

As the name suggests, News covers all that is related to Bitcoin with a 24/7 news feed. This includes industry news, world economy, regulations, and money politics. Besides this, you can also search for opinions related to Bitcoin, DIY tips, and reviews with no biases. It covers press releases and news about the new developments that are taking place in the crypto space. 


Coming on to the next is CryptoSlate. It is also one of the best crypto news websites covering a range of crypto events, companies, coin rankings, products, and a directory for people. This website is a great source for those who love exploring the ongoing events taking place in the crypto space. So this is indeed a must-source for blockchain enthusiasts and cryptocurrency researchers. 


Forbes is a big name that does not need a special introduction. It is one of the famous news websites known for its coverage of various subjects including cryptocurrency. The website covers news articles on crypto and blockchain technology. Forbes, a global media firm that emphasizes different topics including business, technology, lifestyle, investment, entrepreneurship, business, and leadership. smart watch price in uae

Cryptonews provides original coverage of crypto and blockchain-related matter including guides, opinions, reviews, and more to its users to upgrade them with the technological developments happening in the crypto world. is a one-stop destination for all crypto enthusiasts in getting the latest crypto news. The website plays an essential role in spreading awareness and the evolution of the crypto industry. 

Some other 2 alternatives to look for 

Well, the lists end with the 5 best crypto news websites, but let us mention some more alternatives below.


CryptoPotato is also a crypto-based website that can be referred to for crypto enthusiasts taking them to the world of crypto. The website excels in covering the latest news on Bitcoin and other alternate coins. Here you can see the price analysis of these cryptos, trading, and guide for those who are newly introduced to the crypto world. 

Yahoo Finance Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin News

Coming on next is the Yahoo Finance cryptocurrency & Bitcoin news. Yahoo as we all are aware is a popular search engine company other than Google. The platform covers different areas of interest including finance, entertainment, health, lifestyle, politics, and so on. Since it covers business and economic news, then it covers news updates related to cryptocurrency. At Yahoo Finance, you can find price predictions of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ripple, ZCash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, and more.

Final words

So if you are tired of browsing for the best crypto news websites, then these are the ones that you can follow and brush up on your knowledge about the daily news and events that are taking place in the crypto world. These websites cover a range of topics including price predictions of cryptocurrencies for the coming years. So start getting daily crypto updates now. 

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