Top Causes of a Frozen Air Conditioning Unit






You might think at times that freezing up of an air conditioner is good and will give cool air supply, but this is not so. Because an air conditioner works through a refined control of temperature, pressure, and proper airflow. In case any of these fall out of balance, the refrigerant that is responsible for cool air can be blocked and result in freezing of the AC system itself. This results in not making the air cool but warm. At this point, you may be wondering why this happens? Well! Here in this blog, the AC repair Downtown Miami service has mentioned a few common reasons behind this issue.


When humidity is high, it makes the freezing of the cooling unit high as ice starts to form on the coils and insulating the coils making the inevitable situation for the warm air to reach to the coils and making them warm. The more moisture is in the air, the more ice gets build-up. So this makes the air conditioner freeze up all the way to the outdoor compressor. Hamraaz Web 


The level of refrigerant matters a lot in freezing up your AC system. If the refrigerant isn’t enough in the AC system, then it gives rise to ice build-up. Also if the refrigerant is leaking, then also it is bad for the environment and you need a professional to fix that leak.

Poor Airflow

Sometimes the dirt and dust blocks the airflow around the unit. Clogged air filters also cause the unit to work harder to produce the same level of comfort. The dirty air filters also cause the AC unit to freeze up by decreasing amount of the air going through the system. So changing air filters on time also helps in not freezing up your AC system.

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