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Great products are always the center of successful businesses, but the first thing which your customers see and interact with is packaging. A product’s packaging is the main element in merchandising. It is concerned with making an effective packaging design which serves a safe and attractive container for a product.

By packaging your products well, customers have an experience which they want to repeat as well as recommend to their friends. Your brand’s packaging communicates that where your brand stands and what value it may provide to the customers. A memorable packaging affects the perception of the customers and makes then return again and again.

Product packaging plays a significant role in determining consumer purchase decision. In some cases, the packaging is itself so unique that a product starts recognizing by its packaging, not by its features. The most common and best example of product packaging is Coca-Cola bottles which themselves speak of their peculiar features and have become popular throughout the world.

No matter whatever the type of product you are selling, great packaging always share some of the common elements like it identifies the contents, help to create a cohesive product line, adds value, ensure safety and creates an emotional attachment with the consumers. If you are going to think about your brand packaging, consider some of the following reasons which explain why packaging is necessary:

Creates Differentiation

There are infinite products available in the market to draw the customers’ attention. According to a research work, it has been concluded that almost one-third of consumer decision making is based entirely on the product’s packaging.

Packaging makes your brand stand out from others and creates differentiation from that of competitors even if the products provide similar features. For example, soft drinks often come in same traditional shaped bottles. Introducing a new packaging design like the shape of a cannonball or some bird etc. can create a wonderful experience for the customers by proving innovation and differentiation.

Ensures Safety and Protection

A good package is an indication of a good service. The mandatory purpose of product’s packaging is to ensure the safety of the product. It is obvious that your customer wants to receive the product in a perfect condition. And undamaged if it is to be shipped from some distance. Buy Rivotril Online

The items should use such packaging which keeps them protected from any external damage and other effects like moisture and heat etc. In the case of perishable goods, it is necessary to retain the freshness of items. Most of the edible food items require airtight packaging to keep them safe from any atmospheric effect.

Determine Consumer Purchase Habits

The colors of the packaging design play an important role in determining purchase habits. Human brain reacts differently to different colors and we choose the packaging color accordingly. For example, white color of packaging conveys the message of purity, simplicity and safety.

According to color expert, adding more colors to packaging design makes the package less sophisticated. Worldwide the blue color is one of the most liked ones. Sky blue color reflects playfulness and navy blue is considered professional. So it is necessary to study the nature of target demographics before finalizing the color scheme for your package.

It is a Marketing Tool

The packaging of a product is as important. The product itself because it is an important communication and marketing tool for a business. It is a helpful marketing tool for an in-store ‚Äėadvertisement.

Branded products are easily recognized and the main reason for it is an attractive packaging design. Makes them remember your brand when they shop in next time. The use of custom package boxes with company’s logo and other valuable information also serves as a great way to make your brand promoted.

Creates Brand Recognition

A brand’s packaging is the extension of your overall brand’s image. For a moment think about some of the favorite popular brands. They share one thing in common i.e. they are memorable.

Even over the decades. The great brands like Coke undergo small changes in their packaging design. And stay to the original look. It has been seen that if recognizable brands which entirely change their logo, packaging or color face a sudden decline after making large changes.

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