Why Use a Specialist Company If You Need To Relocate a Data Centre






Migrating or relocating a data centre is often a considerable challenge that requires a well-designed strategy as well as the implementation of a comprehensive planning process to ensure every phase of the project has been defined and can be completed according to the schedule and the budget. One of the most important things to remember whenever you want to relocate a data centre is to understand the current state of the infrastructure that you are moving. Furthermore, you must carry out an inventory of the physical and virtual servers, along with other software assets, including databases and user accounts to be migrated to the new data centre. However, if you need assistance when relocating a data centre, then you could think about hiring a specialist company that will be able to deliver and install the server architecture that you need in order to operate, in a new data centre.

  1. Analyse the current state of your existing data centre

If you want to relocate a data centre, then you will need to move the physical and virtual servers to a new architecture while you must also think about moving the databases as well as the user accounts to the new location. In addition, if you want to physically move your existing servers, then you must ensure that they are delivered and installed correctly. Moreover, if you want assistance with server delivery and installation, then you could think about calling on the services of a technical delivery company.

  1. Develop a well-designed strategy

Another aspect of the relocation process for a data centre involves the development of a well-designed strategy that will be used to manage the entire process and ensure that it is carried out successfully. Assigning a project manager for this particular task could be another option that you should consider if you want to carry out a data centre relocation project by yourself while hiring the services of a specialist company could simplify the entire process of relocating your server architecture.

  1. Migrate the users, applications and databases

Finally, whenever you want to migrate or relocate a data centre to a new location, you must consider the users, applications and databases that are used on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, you must consider whether you should implement a system in the new data centre that can run in parallel with your existing infrastructure until the time of the move when you can switch over to the new system, reducing the amount of downtime your company experiences.

  • Analyse the state of your data centre before carrying out a relocation project
  • Develop a well-designed strategy to undertake a data centre relocation
  • Migrate users, applications and databases to the new infrastructure

Therefore to conclude, you could choose to relocate a data centre internally which will involve an analysis of the current state of your existing IT infrastructure as well as the development of a well-designed strategy to make sure the process goes smoothly, while you must also think about migrating the users, applications and databases seamlessly to the new architecture in order to minimise downtime for your business.

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