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CBD products are used largely for medical purposes. Product suppliers look for effective solutions to present their products. In this facet, custom boxes are also important. With the help of it, you can showcase your items in the best possible ways. By hiring a custom cbd wholesale packaging builder, you can seamlessly get a brilliant solution.

When we talk about custom packaging, two types of packaging stocks are available for the users; retail packaging and wholesale packaging. You may get retail packaging if you need fewer packaging boxes while wholesale packaging helps you to deal with large projects at cost-effective rates. Although custom packaging has a lot of benefits, it also has some drawbacks that must also be considered.

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The Pros

Custom packaging bestows you with multiple benefits so that you can smoothly run your business. These advantages may include the following.


For the manufacturing of CBD boxes wholesale, cardboard or paperboard materials are mostly used. These materials are available at different prices. For example, simple cardboard is inexpensive while rigid boxes are expensive as multiple layers of cardboard or chipboard sheets are used in their manufacturing which means the material is used in large quantities.

Anyhow, you can have simple cardboard packaging in large volumes at a reasonable price. This is because the net cost reduces in wholesale packaging and helps the consumers to save money. Also, these boxes are lightweight and they tend to minimize your shipping cost as well.

Freedom Of Choice

In the marketing of the manufacturing process, you are not bound to only certain features. Rather you get multiple choices at every step of packaging.

  • Starting from choosing a packaging material, you can choose cardboard, kraft, or other paperboard materials. You can make choices in product box material as well as in inserts or sleeves.
  • Once you get a packaging material, you can mold it into different designs such as tuck-end boxes, slotted boxes, sleeve packaging, and die-cut boxes.
  • You can manufacture these boxes in the desired size considering your product size and shape.
  • You can print these boxes by selecting a certain printing method and various other printing elements.
  • You can use different add-ons such as varnishing and inserting.

24/7 Availability of Boxes

CBD boxes wholesale helps you to professionally deal with the orders. These large-volume boxes are easy to compile and store. Once you get wholesale boxes, the availability of solutions will not remain a problem. It means you can pack products beforehand and use them if you suddenly get a large order. It will not only save your time but the product will also be delivered on time and ultimately the customer behavior will be improved.

Free Marketing

Custom printed boxes bestow you with a brilliant marketing tool. You can tell customers your brand story by printing your brand features. These features may include your company’s logo, name, and advertisement quotes.

Once you print these details on packaging boxes, people will get to know. Although competing with other brands, especially with roofing brands is not a piece of cake, custom boxes help you to stand out. By using these boxes, you can manifest that the product belongs to your brand and it has a professional identity.


Custom cardboard boxes are made of green substances such as biodegradable materials (wood pulp and other agriculture wastes). These materials have natural fibers and they give you ecological solutions. You can recycle these boxes up to 5 times without polluting the environment. Besides, they are biogenic and can be disposed of completely. Most importantly, the manufacturing of these boxes does not pollute the environment and therefore you can use these boxes to build a sincere relationship with the customer.

The Cons

When you get roses, there will always be thorns too. Similarly, custom wholesale boxes also have drawbacks but you can surely withstand them if you work smartly.

Not For Heavy Items

Custom cardboard boxes are highly efficient for small and lightweight products. You can surely use them for CBD items. You can ensure your product safety if you are using these boxes. However, for large items, you can use corrugated cardboard boxes for shipment and storage. This is because these boxes have e-flute and are flexible to pack the items in them.

May Get Bumps Under Pressure

Although cardboard and paperboard materials are efficient for product safety, they have to bear pressure when stacked up for shipment. Under this pressure, the cardboard material may not withstand and may get bumps due to which the boxes may get deformed. With the help of inserts and cushioning, you can protect your product even if you are using cardboard boxes.

Not Weatherproof

Cardboard boxes are durable and keep the products safe from external damage and humidity. But when it comes to weather such as rain, these boxes may not provide a necessary shield. Water exposure can ruin the box shape and your product may also get exposed to it. For this purpose, you may cover your products in plastic wrapping to preserve any tragedy.

Chances Of Old Stock Wastage

When you get wholesale boxes to be used for a certain period or an event, chances are there that all stock of boxes will not be used. In this facet, if you are left with considerable stock, it may get wasted. However, you may use them next time if you don’t plan a new packaging or customized boxes design. But if you want to get rid of them right away, you can recycle them which is a far better option than throwing them away.

Limited Recyclability

Cardboard boxes can be recycled and they are easy to degrade. But when it comes to how many times they can be recycled, it is limited. You can recycle them just 5 times. Therefore, these boxes have a limited recyclability trait.


CBD boxes wholesale holds many advantages and some disadvantages as well. These boxes are cost-effective and protect your products. However, they are not very efficient when it comes to weatherproofing. Anyhow, you can surely get useful results if you use these boxes wisely.

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