Amorgos, the Easternmost Island of the Cyclades






Amorgos is the tiny, inhabited island that sits at the easternmost corner of the Cyclades. It gets its name from an ancient Roman word that means “uncertainty.” Here are some of the island’s highlights:


The fifth century BCE historian Hellanicus of Mytilene wrote his ethnologies and local histories from Lesbos. Lesbos has been a major source of history for the region. This article will explore the history and cultural background of Lesbos. Also, learn about the island’s most famous natives. The Greek island of Lesbos is located in the Cyclades.


The 25th island of Greece is home to the beautiful whitewashed town of Chora. Unlike many other Greek islands, this one is relatively unspoilt. The architecture is impressive, displaying traditional skill from the builders. The town is the perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening while enjoying the sun, sand, and turquoise waters. If you have a bit more time, head to Tholaria, a tiny ancient settlement that is surrounded by traditional Cycladic nature. You’ll be wowed as you wander down the alleys and homes of this charming village.


Lagada is the most mountainous village in the 25th island of Greece. This ancient town is full of narrow alleys and painted houses. It is home to heaps of hiking ways and an impressive array of archaeological sites. In the past, it was used to grind wheat. Nowadays, however, it is mostly known for its vibrant nightlife. Its name is derived from the large number of olive trees in the region.

Venetian Castle of Hora

If you have a love of history, the Venetian Castle of Hora, the 25th Island of Greece, is definitely a must-see. Originally constructed in 1290, this castle stands as a watchful guard outside the village of Hora. Its steep rocky cliffs make it a great place to view the beautiful village. Located on the hill above the village, the Venetian Castle of Hora is an impressive piece of architecture.


One of the best things to do in Greece is visit the island of Honey on the Twenty-Fiveth. This island has a rich history of collecting honey, and the locals collect it to make sweets and pies, and drink the honey-water. The island is also a popular destination for sailing. Honey on the twenty-fiveth island of Greece dates back to prehistoric times. You can visit a prehistoric temple on the island, and you can even see the remains of a monastic settlement.

Cycladic Islands

The Cyclades are a group of over 6000 small islands that lie off the coast of Greece. The Cyclades are the largest cluster of Greek islands, with over two-hundred inhabited islands and over six-thousand uninhabited ones. Amorgos is a beautiful island with a population of about three-hundred and sixty-five thousand people. Amorgos is the 25th largest island in Greece, but is still home to a number of smaller islands.


Santorini, the 25th island in Greece, is a small, picturesque island just off the coast of Crete. This beautiful island has a population of about 350, and its residents speak an ancient dialect. There are plenty of things to do on the island, including shopping and visiting the many attractions. This island is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, you will be able to relax and unwind in beautiful, natural surroundings.

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