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A vacuum cleaner that works well is one of life’s most lavish luxuries. This might not be the case if your vacuum cleaner isn’t working well for you. But I’m here to help you get the best out of your vacuum cleaner and make it work for you, not against your will!

I have done much market research about vacuum cleaners and their air quality in the past few years. My research has shown me that the best vacuum cleaners are those with HEPA filters and bagged systems. When my Dyson stopped working, I switched to Miele. It is impressive how the Miele is so different. I love that you don’t have to empty the dustbin. This made vacuuming a chore.

These are the tools I use most, and they come with all standard vacuum cleaners. You can make the most of your vacuum cleaner by knowing what each tool is good for. You should ensure that your vacuum cleaner has an on-board attachment so you can grab them while vacuuming.


Crevice Tool

The crevice tools are my favorite attachment. I use it every time I vacuum. The narrow nozzle allows it to fit in corners and tight places. It works well in corners, vents, and baseboard edges.

Flex Crevice Tools

This flexible tool from Miele is excellent for getting under appliances and reaching places other vacuum cleaners cannot reach.

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Upholstery Attachment

This little tool is ideal for delicate fabrics such as drapes, cushions, couches, and chairs. It has a felted fabric top.

Turbobrush or small vacuum cleaner head

This stool is a mini vacuum cleaner with powerful suction. This attachment is great for stairs.

Dust Brush

The typical dust brush attachment has a circular brush head and is very effective in picking up particles and dust without scratching surfaces. It is beneficial for cleaning windows, shelves, and wooden surfaces.

You now have a better understanding of the standard attachments. Let’s see how you can use your vacuum on all surfaces in your home.

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Hard floors

I vacuum the floors in my house at least once weekly (on Wednesdays) and then sweep in between. My Miele Canister for hard flooring is a great tool! Although this is my preference, I prefer it because it makes cleaning easier.


The vacuum is sufficient for most carpeted surfaces. Carpeted surfaces subject to a lot of traffic, such as the entrances or main living spaces, may require more frequent vacuuming. However, most carpeted areas can still be vacuumed once per week.


It can be hard to maneuver a giant vacuum on a staircase. A canister vacuum is a better choice than a portable one. A smaller handheld attachment can be used with your vacuum hose. If necessary, use the crevice tool to clean the corners and edges.

Ceilings and walls

 Start at the ceiling with the circular dust brush attachment. To reach higher surfaces, you may need an extension for your attachment or a small ladder or step stool. As you vacuum, move vertically from the ceiling to the floor.


Use the dust brush attachment to close the slats of the blinds flat. Vacuum. Turn the blinds around, so the slats face the opposite direction. Repeat the process monthly or as often as necessary.

Upholstered Surfaces

 The upholstery attachment can be used on fabric surfaces and mattresses. From top to bottom, work in either a horizontal or a vertical motion. The crevice tool can be used for tight corners and seams. To reduce scratching, use a dust brush to clean leather furniture.


When you rotate your mattress, the vacuum cleaner is the best tool to remove dust and mites from its surface. You should make sure the nozzle is clean before you begin to vacuum the crevices. Use the upholstery tool to clean the mattress’s surface.


Dust brush tools are great for cleaning difficult vent slats on furnaces and air conditioners. This is where dust accumulates, especially in the summer when the furnace or conditioner is used more often.


Begin using the crevice tool to reach the area between the floor and carpet. The dust brush attachment can be used to sweep the baseboards horizontally. It is recommended to vacuum your baseboards at least once a month.

Your vacuum and attachments will be more effective if you use them as intended.

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